Warzone 2 players praise devs for “bullying” cheaters with invisibility cloak update

Warzone 2 operators take the fight to the competition in Al Mazrah.Activision

Warzone 2 players support giving cheaters a taste of their own medicine with the new invisibility cloak feature.

Community members reported an uptick in Warzone 2 cheating after the Season 2 update. Activision heard the complaints and updated its Ricochet anti-cheat system which now includes a replay investigation tool allows the developers to rewatch WZ2 and MW2 matches to weed out cheaters.

The developers also finally added a way to detect cheaters using a Cronus Zen device on controllers. Lastly, players received a refresher on alternative methods of dealing with cheaters.

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Simply banning players is not enough in some instances, as Activision also uses mitigation techniques to mess with users attempting to cut corners.

Warzone 2 players are all for new mitigation technique

shooting in modern warfare 2Activision
Warzone 2’s cheating report system has been criticized in the past for not doing enough.

Activision revealed cloaking, which hides players from cheaters. When a user is suspected of cheating, the enemy will show up invisible on their screen.

Warzone 2 also features disarm and damage shield as two other ways to de-incentivize rule bending. Disarm removes weapons and equipment from cheaters, while damage shield provides a protective barrier against cheaters.

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Many members of the COD community took to Reddit to discuss these anti-cheat measures, as some argued it’s actually better to mess with cheaters instead of outright banning them.

One user responded: “Use the cheat detection to make their gameplay frustrating and annoying, and they’ll be less likely to use it.”

Others acknowledged there are a few downsides to these kinds of anti-cheat measures. “This will help them refine ricochet but could be extremely frustrating to a player that gets falsely tagged.”

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Despite putting noncheaters at risk, a third commenter argued: “It’s funny as hell to bully them, plus it annoys the hell out of them, which is funnier than an outright ban.”

As Warzone Ranked launches in Season 3, Infinity Ward and the Call of Duty playerbase will see a true test of the Ricochet anti-cheat update.

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