Warzone 2 leaker claims Loadouts & Perks return, AI reduced after CoD Next backlash

Brad Norton
Warzone 2 gameplay

New Warzone 2 leaks seemingly point towards the return of both custom Loadouts and Perks after their controversial removal at the Call of Duty Next reveal event. The same leaker has also hinted at a reduction in AI throughout the map and even an overhaul of the game’s UI.

At the CoD Next event on September 15 came a full reveal of Warzone 2 after months of secrecy. By seeing the game in action we learned of new systems, got a preview of the Al Mazrah map, and also got a glimpse at a number of core gameplay changes.

From an overhaul of the Gulag to a brand new Gunsmith, there was plenty for fans to wrap their heads around. Though among the tweaks came a few controversial decisions — name Loadouts and custom Perks being completely removed in this early build of the sequel.

Not only that, but AI-controlled enemies flooded almost every POI, giving players more to worry about than just other humans in the lobby.

For some, these adjustments were seen as an improvement on the original Warzone experience. For many though, it left them concerned for the game’s new direction. The likes of NICKMERCS even argued what they saw in Los Angeles was final, and fans were “f**king dumb” for thinking things would change before the November 16 release date.

However, it now appears that’s exactly the case. If leaks from prominent Warzone content creator Metaphor are accurate, many of the most significant changes have since been reverted in a new Warzone 2 update.

Tweeting a series of emojis on September 27, the popular CoD personality teased three key changes without saying a word. Interpreting these emojis in order, it appears AI bots have been removed from much of the map. Instead, they’re seemingly tied to Strongholds only, as the castle emoji implies.

Many were quickly vocal on their displeasure with the abundance of AI in Warzone 2. It became tough to distinguish between real players and less threatening bots, especially given they could appear around almost any corner in the original build played on stage at CoD Next.

When the full game launches, it seems we could be in store for a general reduction in AI throughout the battle royale. Instead, we can expect to see them only in fortified Strongholds, if Metaphor’s insight holds true.

Next up came an emoji of a box alongside a pill. We can only assume this is hinting at the return of both Loadout Drops and Perks, two staples that were noticeably absent from the first Warzone 2 session.

Rather than calling in custom classes, players could instead purchase stronger weapons at new Buy Stations. And while that still might be the case when the sequel arrives, it appears we’ll also have an option to call in our own Loadouts in typical Warzone fashion. Exactly how much they’ll cost, and whether we’ll see any new limitations, is all up in the air for now.

Warzone Loadout Drop
Loadout Drops could be making a return in Warzone 2 after all.

Last but not least, Metaphor shared emojis of a gift and a list. While not concrete, many are interpreting this to mean a return to classic looting systems opposed to the new, slower loot UI we saw in Warzone 2.

When opening chests and looting areas in the sequel, players had to stop in their tracks to manually comb through a new menu. Moving forward, however, it seems we can expect the original fluidity to return when Warzone 2 arrives in full.

Obviously, it’s worth taking all of this intel with a huge grain of salt for the time being. Given we’re still weeks out from launch, plans could always change as development continues. But should Activision confirm any of this, we’ll be sure to keep you updated right here.

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