Warzone 2 players baffled by “weird” AR nerf that nobody asked for

Connor Bennett
M4 Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty Warzone players have been left confused by the “weird” nerf to the M4A1 in Season 4 Reloaded as they didn’t quite expect it. 

Across the last few updates, the Warzone 2 devs have put a big focus on changing up the meta and making some big balancing changes to the weapon pool in the battle royale. 

They opened up Season 4 by nerfing the ultra-dominant Cronen Squall, however, the rifle has come back to prominence despite that. The recent Season 4 Reloaded update also helped the Squall’s case as other weapons were nerfed around it. 

On July 24, the devs also dropped an additional round of weapon balancing changes, mainly aimed at reducing the damage profile of the akimbo Snakehsot pistols. While that change was rejoiced by players, many questioned why the M4A1 also went under the microscope. 

Warzone players can’t believe M4 has been nerfed in Season 4

The assault rifle, which has always been viable if not totally meta in Warzone, saw it’s damage multipliers to the torso decrease a little bit. 

That is, obviously, not the biggest change in the world, but it was enough to set some players off. “Wtf did the M4 have to do with this? Weird nerf,” quizzed one fan. “Perplexed how the M4 nerf is supposed to work,” said another. “NO ONE asked for an M4 nerf,” another commented. 

“Lachman may have been a bit excessive and the M4 is weird but everything else is awesome,” added another. 

Many players didn’t take issue with everything else but continued to question where assault rifles now stand in the meta given this M4 nerf.

“Literally all they had to do was nerf the X13, Squall, and the Shotguns but they need to put their grubby hands on ARs that aren’t even broken, now they basically struggle vs SMGs at range,” said another player.

Unless something is completely out of hand, the devs don’t give much reasoning for their nerfs, and it remains to be seen if the M4 will go under the microscope for changes again so soon.