TimTheTatman explains why Warzone 2 is actually better without loadouts

Ryan Lemay

Warzone 2 controversially removed loadout drops in the game’s Alpha build, but TimTheTatman explained why it was the right decision.

Popular YouTuber TimTheTatman and over 100 other content creators played three games of Warzone 2 at CoD Next. Warzone 2 makes several wide-sweeping changes to the game’s formula, and content creators have mixed opinions.

Modern Warfare 2 removed the ability to slide cancel, and NICKMERCS praised the decision. Warzone streamer Repullze listed several significant concerns, and Swagg slammed Warzone 2’s Gulag 2.0.

Loadout drops have been an integral part of Warzone since; however, Warzone 2 is moving in a new direction, and TimTheTatman believes the move could pay dividends for dedicated battle royale players.

players getting off plane in cod warzone 2
Warzone 2 introduces a brand new map called Al Mazrah.

TimTheTatman shares his opinion of Warzone 2

During his September 22 YouTube video, TimTheTatman, and Warzone streamer Cloakzy talked through their thoughts on Warzone 2.

Tim boldly claimed, “the new map for Warzone 2 is so much better than Caldera, and the new map and the way it was laid out is better than Verdansk.”

If that take wasn’t spicy enough, Tim also stated that Warzone is better without loadout drops.

Loadout drops can be bought from Buy Stations, allowing players to equip custom weapons, grenades, and perks. Warzone 2 introduces ‘The Shop,’ and instead of purchasing loadouts, players buy custom weapons.

TimTheTatman argued, “I don’t know if we need Loadouts. The meta and loadouts make the loot on the ground useless. We loot just to get money to get our loadouts.”

The YouTuber mentioned Fortnite and Apex Legends rewarding players for finding rare weapons, but you don’t get that same excitement in Warzone.

“Ground loot doesn’t matter right now, and it’s kind of boring because everyone is using the same gun,” TimTheTatma said.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s battle royale Blackout featured a system where players found attachments for weapons as ground loot. Tim believes Warzone 2 would be more fun if looting rewarded players instead of just being a race to buy loadouts.

All features in Warzone 2’s Alpha build are subject to change, so nothing is certain regarding loadouts until the game’s November 16 release date.

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