NICKMERCS skeptical that Warzone 2 will change after beta: “This is the f***ing game”

Nickmercs at his streaming setupYouTube: NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS was one of many content creators to receive an invite to the COD Next event, where Activision showed off Warzone 2 – and after getting some hands-on time with the game, he’s ready to share his thoughts.

NICKMERCS is one of the giants of Call of Duty. From his time competing in Search and Destroy wager matches to establishing himself as a competent Warzone player, the FPS veteran has seen it all when it comes to the franchise, which makes him an excellent source when it comes to reviewing any new experience.

When fans asked him what he thought of the game, he gave it a generally positive review and cautioned players not to expect drastic changes when it comes time to jump from beta to finished product.

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NICKMERCS believes that Warzone 2’s beta won’t change much in the final game

The streamer was reflecting on his early experience and telling his chat how he felt about the state of the game. One fan brought up the possibility of some interface changes and other small tweaks, and that’s when the vet encouraged everyone to pump the breaks on their wishlist.

“For anyone who thinks the game is going to change a lot upon the game coming out, you’re f***ing dumb,” he promised.

He went on to say that things like UI and coloring might get updated, but reaffirmed that he doesn’t believe any big changes will happen between now and launch, even if the developers write things off as beta-specific problems.

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All in all, the multi-game pro did say that he liked the game, but attributed that to being in the “honeymoon phase” and specified that he hasn’t seen enough to know if it’ll be bad or not when it’s all said and done.