Warzone 2 players worried by major Gulag 2.0 overhaul

Warzone players in GulagActivision

Following the long-awaited reveal of Warzone 2, players have expressed their worries over the massive changes coming to the Gulag in the sequel.

After months of rumors and speculation, we finally got our first look at Warzone 2 during the Call of Duty Next event. Infinity Ward is shaking up the battle royale’s formula with plenty of innovations, such as splitting the end-game circles and introducing The Shop.

One of the biggest changes coming in Warzone 2 is a major overhaul of the Gulag, completely changing how players earn their second chance to return to the action.

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However, even though the release of the game is still weeks away, many players aren’t sold on the new-look feature.

Warzone 2 players divided over 2v2 Gulag

In the Gulag 2.0, teams of two will go head-to-head to try and earn a revive for both players, while looting for weapons and dealing with ‘The Jailer.’ Once you die, you’re paired with another fallen player at random, who is not necessarily part of your squad.

This is a far cry from the format players are used to, which has always been a 1v1 faceoff with a random weapon on a close-quarters map. It’s certainly a bold move, and the community is clearly worried about the change.

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After Charlie INTEL tweeted claiming the new Gulag was a “mess,” many took to Reddit to express their concern. The 2v2 setup seemed to be the main sticking point, with players not wanting to work together with a random teammate.

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“I understand about giving it a chance, but imagine you’re teamed up with a 9-year-old without a headset,” said one reply. “Having to rely on a random teammate doesn’t sound fun to me.”

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The new Gulag is a terrible idea even on paper, can’t wait to have to play a 2v1 in every Gulag and get knocked out because my random teammates are either AFK or straight-up suck,” said another. “Hopefully it continues to be a mess and IW change it before launch, there’s no way this change will be good.

Many pro players also had their say, with FaZe Santana simply tweeting: “This Gulag is just not it.”

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Others felt that pairing players up in the Gulag doesn’t cater to those looking to play on their own in Warzone 2. “I have to play with a teammate in the Gulag? I want to queue into Solos for a reason,” said a disgruntled player.

While many were clearly concerned about the effect that the Gulag 2.0 could have on matches in Warzone 2, others replied by saying they would be reserving judgment until they’ve had the chance to hop in and try out the new format for themselves.

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Warzone 2 is set to arrive on November 16, so it won’t be long before we see the new Gulag in action for the first time.

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