Warzone 2 DMZ players quitting as major problem still not fixed: “Not fun anymore”

DMZ operator holding phoneActivision

A number of Warzone 2 DMZ players are leaving the game behind, claiming that the AI in the extraction shooter have become increasingly frustrating to play against, pushing them away from playing entirely.

DMZ arrived alongside Warzone 2 as an extraction shooter akin to Escape from Tarkov, and was highly anticipated by players looking for a brand-new experience in the Call of Duty world.

While it didn’t blow up and steal all the players from Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, it’s still been very successful, with a huge, dedicated playerbase that enjoys the change of pace from regular Call of Duty.

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That said, AI has been a consistent issue for players in the game since it launched. While AI is to be expected in the game, a fundamental facet of the extraction shooter genre, players feel they’ve become increasingly difficult to cope with.

“DMZ is not fun anymore”

This was explained by Punelle, with whom many others agreed, in a Reddit post simply titled “DMZ is not fun anymore.”

They said: “I used to play DMZ with my friends on a daily basis since release and we looked forward to the new season where they would change the A.I. – but the A.I. got even worse in Season 2… It has came to a point where we don’t play anymore.

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I can’t see anything that indicates that the company believes it’s even a problem. I wonder if they even care about DMZ at all.”

Other commenters came out in full agreement with the post. “DMZ was a chill space for when BR got a little too much but my god the endless wave after wave of AI is a bit much,” one player said. “Once you’re out of plates it’s pretty much game over.”

Another claimed that it is ”pretty much impossible to complete a contract” when playing solo due to the lack of ammo and armor plates.

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While the state of AI has long been a complaint of DMZ players, many clearly believe it’s gotten worse over time, especially if they expected Season 2 to bring in changes to make them less of a problem.