Warzone 2 devs address stats incorrectly tracking in Plunder game mode

Warzone Plunder return dateTreyarch/Activision

Plunder is finally available as a playable game mode in Warzone 2, but a stat-tracking bug complicates matters.

Being able to track stats in Warzone 2 has been an ongoing saga. Activision initially planned to introduce leaderboards in Season 1 Reloaded but ultimately pushed it back until Season 2. Players felt cheated, as none of their wins or kills were tracked before the game’s second season.

Next, community members criticized the developers for mixing stats on Al Mazrah and Ashika Island into the same leaderboard. Players called for the numbers to be separated, as Resurgence gameplay is much different than the standard battle royale experience.

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Raven Software was then forced to launch an investigation when wins and losses stopped tracking after the Season 3 update. The developers were once again called into action as a familiar issue arose in Plunder matches.

Warzone 2 Plunder matches track stats incorrectly

Warzone 2 added Plunder as a playable game mode on April 26. The fan-favorite game mode tasks squads with gathering as much in-game cash as possible, only winning when they become the first team to collect $1 million. Cash can be earned by eliminating enemies, completing contracts, partaking in events, or clearing out Strongholds and Blacksites.

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Plunder suits a more casual playstyle, as teams can technically win without ever needing to engage in a gunfight. In WZ1 some players used the mode to level up weapons quickly, and community members praised its refreshing pick-up-and-play approach.

two soldiers transporting bag of cash in plunder warzone 2Activision
Plunder is a fan-favorite game mode in Warzone 2.

There is an ongoing joke in the CoD community that less-skilled users only play Plunder. The game mode launched and unintentionally applied the mode’s stats to a player’s overall Warzone 2 KD.

Raven Software announced it is working on a fix to prevent stats from tracking in the game mode. The developers leaned into the long-running joke and claimed: “Some of you are about to have very sus K/S. Just saying!”

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Some players will surely take advantage of the causal game mode to boost their stats before the fix is implemented.

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