Verdansk ’84 in Warzone Season 3: all map changes, new POIs & locations, more

Albert Petrosyan

At long last, Verdansk ‘84 has finally debuted in Call of Duty: Warzone! Everything you need to know about this version of the map can be found below, including all changes, new locations, and more. 

While it may not be the totally brand-new map that Warzone players were expecting, Activision and Raven Software have completely reskinned the original Verdansk to take it back in time to the 1980s.

Officially called Verdansk ‘84, this new version of the map features several new points of interest (POIs) and locations, and whatever’s not brand new has been massively updated to the point where they’re completely different from their pre-nuke iterations.

Furthermore, the developers went as far as to touch up and adjust virtually every structure, building, and section of the map. This includes the implementation of better lighting in many areas and an improvement to the overall quality.

Every new POI & location in Verdansk ‘84: Summit, Standoff, more

Gora Summit replaces Dam

The iconic Summit map is now a POI in Warzone!

The iconic Summit map from the original Black Ops game has made its way into Verdansk ‘84 in place of Dam on the northwest corner of the map.

No longer featuring the massive wall of Dam, the area now instead has cable cars that go up and down Summit, allowing players to traverse through the location and all of its buildings a lot faster.

Airplane Factory

Airplane Factory could end up being a hot drop on Verdansk ’84.

Smack-dab in the middle of the map, Airplane Factory is a brand new POI that helps fill what was previously an empty stretch that was used for nothing more than to pass through.

There are several new buildings here now, as well as an airplane that sits in the middle of it – expect this to be a hot zone considering its central location and close proximity to Superstore.

Standoff (Farmhouse)

The classic Black Ops II map Standoff can be found in Verdansk ’84.

Standoff joins Summit as another classic multiplayer map from the Black Ops series being added into the battle royale. While not a whole new POI on its own, Standoff will replace what was previously known as Farmhouse in the Krovnik Farmland area. The rest of Farmland has largely remained the same.

In addition to this, a part of Standoff is also the new Gulag – details about this can be found in our Season 3 Gulag walkthrough here.

Grid Array

The Grid Array is a massive new structure on Verdansk ’84!

This is perhaps the most eye-catching change in Verdansk ‘84; located just to the right of TV Station, Grid Array is a massive, multi-level structure that can be spotted from plenty afar.

This gigantic tower has various points that can be accessed by players, giving them a great height advantage and lines of sight that would otherwise not be available at ground level.

Old Mine

Old Mine is a brand-new POI located near the northwest portion of the map.

Much like Airplane Factory, Old Mine takes up an area of Verdansk that was previously pretty much empty. Located in the northwest quadrant, just south of Gora Summit, this new location now features buildings and other structures that allow players to get loot while traveling between Summit and the rest of the map.

Karst Salt Mines

The new Karst Salt Mines in Verdansk ’84.

The best way to explain Karst Salt Mines is to call it an extension of Karst River Quarry, located on the very top-right of Verdansk. Quarry has generally been considered among the least popular areas on the map, mainly due to the fact that many of the buildings around it weren’t accessible.

The addition of Salt Mines has made a lot of those structures accessible by extending how far players can travel in the location, which should make it a more pleasing drop-zone.

All updated POIs & locations in Verdansk ‘84: Downtown, Superstore, more


Superstore has been cleaned up in Verdansk ’84!

The map’s hottest drop zone may be getting hotter after the updates that Superstore received in the Warzone Season 3 patch. The redesign of Superstore has cleaned up a lot of the destruction that previously existed there, turning it into a fully-functioning supermarket with neatly organized boxes and no fallen shelves.

Raven have also confirmed that Superstore will continue to have a high density of the best loot, so expect it to be hectic when you decide to drop there.


Downtown is a lot more open in Warzone Season 3!

In the previous iteration of Verdansk, Downtown was a polarizing POI due to the high number of camping spots players could take up, such as the countless rooftops as well as dark, internal corners.

Now, in the 1984 version, there are far less buildings and some are under construction. The area doesn’t feel as cluttered and players are forced to engage with each other more, rather than sit in places where they could not be effectively challenged.


Stadium has been completely torn down in Verdansk ’84.

Stadium has been completely redesigned for Verdansk ‘84; gone is the massive arena that used to adorn the skyline, replaced with a much shorter structure that is still in the process of being constructed.

Perhaps the most impactful update to Stadium is the fact that its expansive rooftop area no longer exists. Players cannot camp up there anymore and those traveling in the area no longer have to worry about being sniped from the heavens.


The airport has also gotten some changes with Verdansk ’84.

What was once a partially-destroyed POI has now been transformed into a fully functioning airport, as all of the damage, destruction, fires and smoke are gone. The second floor of Airport, which used to be inaccessible due to the main building being caved in, can now be accessed and might end up being the most important area of the entire location. 

There will be good loot there for you to pick up, as well as full cover from the Airport Tower and the annoying players who camp there, who no longer have lines of sight into the main structure.

Other changes in Verdansk ‘84: Springtime changes & new lighting

Verdansk '84 in Warzone
The entire look and feel of Verdansk has been adjusted in Warzone.

When you load into this new version of Verdansk for the first time, perhaps the first thing that’ll catch your eye is how much greener and brighter everything looks.

That’s because the entire map is now in full Springtime mode, meaning that there’s a lot more foliage and growth throughout. The time of day is different as well, leading to brighter sunlight and an overall lighter tone to the whole aura of the map.

This is part of Raven’s plan to implement more regular environmental updates to Verdansk ‘84 as seasons change, sort-of like what Treyarch would do with the Blackout map. 

Furthermore, the increased lighting is meant to make it more difficult for players to exploit dark areas and corners, especially when it comes to the Roze skin, which these changes have effectively nerfed.

Everything you need to know about Verdansk ‘84 in Warzone Season 3: