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Pre-nuke version of Verdansk will not be playable in Warzone again

Published: 22/Apr/2021 20:00 Updated: 22/Apr/2021 21:03

by Jacob Hale


With Warzone Season 3 bringing Verdansk ‘84 and a whole host of changes to the battle royale title, you’re probably wondering whether you can go back and play the original Warzone map.

Verdansk became a clear-cut fan-favorite in the battle royale world, with iconic POIs and locations.

Of course, like any map, it had its issues, but the devs were clearly on to something when making it. That’s likely why, rather than completely destroying the map and making something new, Raven gave it a big overhaul instead.

With a new Cold War theme, with seasonal changes and classic Black Ops maps arriving in Verdansk, Verdansk 84 definitely feels slightly fresher. But many players are already questioning whether the old map will be returning.


Warzone old verdansk map
Dropping in to Verdansk is going to look pretty different going forwards.

If dropping in at Array like it’s 2010 again isn’t for you, or you just miss the old version of Downtown, you’re probably wondering whether you’ll ever get that back.

To put it bluntly, that won’t be happening. The old Verdansk map was nuked — we all saw it — and what we have now is the sole version of Verdansk that will be playable until they decide to update the map again.

During a press briefing with Raven Software, the developers confirmed this, saying that the original Verdansk map will never be playable in Warzone again.

Original Verdansk map in Warzone
Unless Activision have a change of heart, the old version of Verdansk will never return in Warzone.

Of course, this is going to be sad news for any players who prefer the old map, but in terms of the narrative, it definitely makes sense. After all, Verdansk was literally nuked.


While the phrase “never say never” is bandied about often in the gaming world, this definitely seems as definitive as it gets. It’s certainly possible that an LTM arrives in the game down the line that takes place on the old Verdansk, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

For now, we’ve got to just appreciate the glory of Verdansk 84.

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