Roze skin finally nerfed in Warzone Season 3 update: here’s what’s changed

Warzone Roze skin gameplayActivision

After months of terrorizing players in Warzone, the controversial Roze skin has finally been nerfed in the Season 3 update. Here’s exactly how the developers at Raven Software addressed the issue.

Ever since its introduction in Warzone, the Roze skin has been a source of frustration. The extremely dark cosmetic was near-impossible to spot in dimly lit areas, making it a hassle to deal with at the best of times.

Months passed with no real changes as many of the most popular players called for it to be removed. With the Season 3 update, Raven Software finally confirmed that the Roze skin would be ‘adjusted.’ 

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Now, we have a good understanding of what these changes look like and there’s more to it than you might think. Here’s exactly how the Roze skin has been changed in Season 3 of Warzone.

Roze skin changes in Warzone Season 3

Warzone Roze skinActivision
The Roze skin should be much easier to make out in Warzone Season 3.

The main aspect of the Roze skin changes was to essentially make it more visible. While the dark cosmetic will still maintain a similar appearance moving forward, it should be much easier to spot.

Changing the visual of the Roze skin means players should be able to spot it without much of a hassle. Even if players are crouching in dark corners, it will be more in line with every other cosmetic in Warzone.

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The official Season 3 patch notes outlined how the Roze skin will have improved “readability and visibility where sources of light are available.” As a result, it’s more than likely we’ll see Roze’s popularity dwindle in Season 3.

No longer providing an in-game advantage means players could soon gravitate towards fresh looks instead. So after months of it being the top skin, prepare to see it less and less moving forward.

Warzone Season 3 lighting changes to address Roze skin issues

Warzone Roze skins

Beyond adjustments to the skin itself, there are higher-level changes in the Season 3 update that aim to address the issue. When it came down to visibility in previous seasons, “it wasn’t all just the skin,” devs outlined.

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“The lighting of the map itself caused the issues,” they added. In order to address this problematic lighting, changes were made to the map as a whole in Warzone’s Season 3 update. 

Therefore, the Roze skin will be “easier to see in many areas of the map.” Not only that, but players won’t be able to “hide in the dark” quite like they were before.

After months of being one of the most contentious talking points in the Warzone community, players can now breathe a sigh of relief. There should no longer be pesky Roze skins hiding away in dark corners of the map waiting for you to walk by.

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