New Standoff Gulag in Warzone Season 3: first look & walkthrough


A new season in Warzone means a brand new Gulag, and longtime Call of Duty fans will be happy to see the iconic Black Ops 2 map Standoff is the new battleground for survival in the battle royale.

When Standoff was first announced to be coming to Black Ops Cold War, veteran CoD players rejoiced at the thought of the classic BO2 map being remastered for the 2020 title.

Little did they know, it would also be added to Warzone and in more ways than one. Not only is it now an actual location on the brand-new Verdansk ‘84 map, but it’s also what the new Gulag is themed after.

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Much like the previous Gulag, which was based on Nuketown, this new one also has taken a section of Standoff and recreated it almost like a movie set, so while it may not be the identical look of the map, it’s definitely shaped like it.

The specific section of the map that this is based on is the main central area, where there is a tank right next to the big statue, facing the two-story building that has a window on the second floor.

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Standoff Black Ops 2 Warzone.Activision
This is the area of Standoff that the Warzone Season 3 Gulag is based on.

Just as with every iteration of the Gulag so far, this one also features a viewing area where players can watch the action while they wait for their turn to battle it out to the death.

As of the time of writing, Raven Software have not revealed what rotation of weapons they plan on going with for this, which is an important aspect considering players’ frustrations with how many times they had to fight with just their fists.

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During a press briefing with Raven, the devs said that their plan was to keep the Gulag updated “frequently.” Players are guaranteed to see and play in it virtually every match, so the massive play-time combined with the small space has the devs wanting to constantly make changes to avoid it becoming stale.

It’s not clear exactly what their plans are beyond Standoff, but for now, enjoy the classic Black Ops 2 version of the Gulag while it’s available in Warzone.

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