TrueGameData uncovers gun that deals 40% more damage in Warzone 2 compared to MW2

Warzone 2 damage X12Activison

Warzone 2 expert TrueGameData has identified a weapon that deals 40% more damage in WZ2 when compared to Modern Warfare 2.

As Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 share the same arsenal of weapons, players can level up guns in one game and carry all of their progress to the other.

Not only that, to keep things simple, the developers roll out combined balance patches, adjusting the power of each of the weapons for both games together.

As a result, the community assumed that the damage values for every gun would be the same in both titles, but TrueGameData has discovered this isn’t the case.

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There is one gun that’s significantly stronger in Warzone 2 and that’s the X12 starter pistol, which deals 40% more damage in the battle royale.

X12 Warzone 2Activison
The X12 is the starter pistol players are equipped with at the beginning of a match.

X12 deals 40% more damage in Warzone 2 compared to MW2

TrueGameData decided to do some testing in live Warzone 2 matches and discovered something extremely interesting revolving around the X12 starter pistol.

After testing its damage in the battle royale and comparing it to MW2, he realized that the gun does significantly more damage in WZ2.

At over 15m to the chest, the pistol does 41 damage in Warzone 2 but only outputs 29 damage in MW2 multiplayer.

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These damage numbers are consistent as you get closer to a target as well, with the X12 dealing 62 at under 9m in WZ2 and only 42 in MW2.

After seeing the huge differences in damage between the games, TrueGameData decided to test other weapons including the TAQ-56, M4, and Icarus.

However, none of the guns appeared to have different damage values, so it’s interesting it only applies to the X12.

With the starter pistol dealing 40% more damage in WZ2 when compared to MW2, it’s certainly more of a powerhouse when used on Al Mazrah.

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