TimTheTatman explains why one huge Caldera change is ruining Warzone

TimTheTatman next to Warzone loadout drops.YouTube: TimTheTatman / Raven Software

Caldera has yet to win over Call of Duty star Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, with the top YouTube streamer claiming one big change in the Pacific update has “ruined” Warzone by taking away the battle royale’s core gameplay loop.

Warzone entered a “new era” earlier this month, with Raven Software launching the battle royale’s second-ever map, Caldera, alongside a monster Season 1 update.

The game’s seasonal shakeup has yet to win over Call of Duty star TimTheTatman, due to one big change: following the December update, Warzone players can no longer get loadout drops until late.

Betar claims the loadout nerfs have “ruined Warzone.”

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The problem, TimTheTatman explained, was pushing that “loadies” into the late game sucked Warzone’s biggest strength ⁠— pace ⁠— out of the battle royale.

YouTube: TimTheTatman
The YouTube star is taking time to warm up to the battle royale’s Caldera changeover.

TimTheTatman, like many streamers this month, has been grinding Warzone Season 1 and the tropical Caldera map. While the 31-year-old isn’t as jaded about the update as co-star Dr Disrespect, or top pro Aydan, he still has some major doubts.

“My whole chat says they like it,” the star said, reading. “Chat, I ain’t with you on that one, straight up. I am not there. Agree to disagree, kinda thing. [The problem is that] it just feels so much slower, and I really hate that.”

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He continued: “The whole reason I love Warzone and why I think it’s such a good battle royale is the pace. You get loadies [loadout drop] early and send it.”

Warzone loadout dropRaven Software
TimTheTatman believes Warzone feels too slow without loadout drops “off rip.”

“Now, on Caldera, it feels like there’s this weird lull in the middle of every game where I’m waiting to actually full send at someone. I don’t know. I know that we’ll probably get used to it but I promise you people won’t like this feeling.

“Man… you just want to full send every game. That’s what you do in Warzone. This feels really bad, I think if they keep this feeling then it’s kind of ruined, really.”

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Betar’s biggest fear is Warzone may lose its identity with the change, especially as arch-rivals like Apex Legends and Fortnite lean into their own strengths. That could see another max exodus, the YouTuber warned Raven Software, à la the infamous cheater-fuelled exits earlier this year.

“I have a gut feeling this is going to drive people away,” he added. “I mean, streamers like NICKMERCS, Doc, they’re not going to put up with this for long.”

TimTheTatman did admit he’s more than willing to give the sweeping Warzone changes a chance, especially considering Caldera is a “clean slate” for the game, but is already starting off on the wrong foot either way.

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“I do have to get used to it, I guess,” he said.

“Am I just too dependent on loadouts in this game? I don’t know, I just think it’s a big mistake to make the change. It makes Warzone not feel like Warzone anymore.”

“I like the direction the map takes Warzone, hundred percent,” he added. “The vibrant, bright, jungle theme. But I can’t get on board with the loadies changes.”