TimTheTatman has huge fears for Warzone’s future after Caldera: “It feels dead”

Isaac McIntyre
TimTheTatman talking in Caldera.
YouTube: TimTheTatman / Raven Software

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has opened up on his fears for Warzone Pacific’s future, claiming the battle royale “feels dead” following the introduction of the tropical Caldera map in Vanguard’s huge Season 1 update.

YouTuber and top Warzone star TimTheTatman continues to pick holes in the battle royale’s Caldera update, claiming the map swap has made the game feel “dead” already.

Betar has been a long advocate for what has become Call of Duty’s flagship title in the last two years, but even he is beginning to lose his patience with Caldera and the game’s Pacific update. In particular, he is beginning to voice major fears around the title’s future, claiming it “feels dead” these days.

“Caldera… it really is chalked, isn’t it?” he said.

“I don’t see anyone on the maps anymore, everything takes so long to do. You actually battled other people on Verdansk. This new map just feels dead, always.”

YouTube: TimTheTatman
Even loyal Call of Duty streamer TimTheTatman is turning against Caldera.

According to the star YouTuber, who joined the red-branded website as its top Warzone streamer in September, the Pacific update has taken Call of Duty’s battle royale in the wrong direction, leaving him fearful for the future.

“It’s the way the map plays, do you guys agree?” he said.

“Ever since the change to Caldera, you don’t see near as many people. It has to be the map design. I don’t see nearly as many people as [Verdansk]. That’s really worrying.

“Five minutes goes by and you don’t see one person here,” the YouTuber continued. “In the old map, I think you’d see maybe ten, more in the same time waiting.”

POI in Warzone Pacific's Caldera map
Betar claims the new Pacific map feels “empty” in most lobbies.

“I don’t think the change has been good. If I was playing Verdansk, running around, we’d definitely be seeing people. Not like one or two either, but like ten people. 

There’s something about the way Caldera is playing out, maybe it’s just people ratting victories, but it seems to be dead. It feels dead, the whole map, the game. I haven’t seen a single person except that one random dude flying around. The way the map is designed. I don’t know, but if it stays like this I can see people quitting the game.

TimTheTatman sighed, then laughed: “I’m just starting to realize just how chalked Caldera really is. This isn’t even Call of Duty. It doesn’t feel like CoD anymore.”

TimTheTatman voiced similar fears about a slower Warzone experience last week too, claiming at the time Caldera has sucked all the original “feeling” out of the Call of Duty battle royale, especially in regards to its pace.

“On Caldera, there’s this weird lull in the middle of every game where I’m waiting to actually full send,” the popular Warzone streamer said. “We’ll probably get used to it but I promise you people won’t like this feeling.

“Man, you just want to full send every game, that’s what you do in Warzone. This feels really bad, I think if they keep this feeling then it’s kind of ruined, really.”