Swagg claims Warzone PC players have “huge advantages” despite no aim-assist

Warzone map with PS5 controller and KnMActivision / Sony / PNGMart

Warzone content creator Swagg has claimed that PC players have “huge advantages” and a “higher ceiling” than controller players, despite having no aim assist. The comments came after he first tried out keyboard and mouse Warzone.

Swagg is known as one of the Warzone community’s finest controller players, regularly dominating Warzone matches regardless of opponent.

However, he is not quite the same player on keyboard and mouse, trying out the PC way-of-playing for the first time in a recent YouTube video.

Among minor issues like his hand cramping up, the competitive player was shocked at the ease of ‘flicking’ with a mouse and said that he believes KnM have “huge advantages” over their controller counterparts, despite having no aim assist.

Swagg believes KnM Warzone players have “higher ceiling”

Dropping into Caldera with a keyboard and mouse, Swagg was stunned at the ability of players to ‘flick’ their aim in a way a controller simply does not facilitate.

He explained that, in his opinion, elite players have a naturally “higher ceiling” on PC because of movement, aim and field-of-view.

“I think for sniping it’s so much easier to snipe on keyboard and mouse,” he said. “The flicks are just so crazy and it’s just not fair… You have your whole arm to aim with which is crazy. Like right now it’s pretty easy to aim, I can just snap instantly on to somebody. The snaps are probably the craziest part of being on keyboard and mouse.”

He went on to say that, because of the precise aim available with a mouse, the ceiling is naturally higher for players on PC. It also makes some guns much better at longer distances, another “huge advantage” of using a mouse and keyboard.

Timestamp: 4:30

He also said that PC players regularly overstate the effect of aim assist, claiming it doesn’t make nearly as much of a difference as is regularly claimed: “It just kinda bugs me when keyboard and mouse players really complain. Like bro, aim assist is not that OP. And they actually kinda nerfed it.”

The PC versus console debate will inevitably rage on, in spite of what prominent Warzone figures say. However, having tried both, Swagg clearly believes the benefits of playing with a keyboard and mouse outweigh the negatives.