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Secret Warzone trick allows players to survive Semtex stick

Published: 12/Jun/2022 12:35

by Joe Craven


A secret albeit simple Warzone trick allows players to survive a direct Semtex stick, massively weakening enemy equipment and ensuring players can stay in the fight for as long as possible.

Any FPS game of Warzone’s size works hard to ensure that any and all equipment has an adequate counter. However, one predicament from which there has been no return is being ‘stuck’ by an enemy semtex – an adhesive grenade that explodes after a short-timer.

Once players are directly hit by a semtex, there is no way to shed the explosive device and an elimination usually follows. That is, until now.


semtex in cod black ops cold war
The Semtex has been a fairly standard inclusion in CoD titles.

In a June 11 Reddit post, player ‘LordTexugo’ outlined a “secret technique” which allows players to survive a ‘stuck’ semtex.

It’s not immediately clear whether it is a glitch or an intended mechanic, but Warzone’s current build has one sure-fire way of escaping if you find yourself stuck with a semtex.

Firstly, players will have to have a Riot Shield equipped. Riot Shields can kill enemies via melees, so charging enemies when carrying a Riot Shield is a fairly common tactic. A fairly common response from opponents is to throw a semtex.

However, upon being stuck, players can quickly dispense with their Riot Shield, throwing it to the ground. Doing so removes the semtex from players. Immediately after, players should re-pick up their Riot Shield and reposition so as to avoid the semtex’s blast.


This Secret Technique Allows you to Survive a Semtex Stuck from CODWarzone

The Redditor’s attached video shows it to be an incredibly consistent method to avoid being killed by semtex grenades, even if they are direct hits.

Many compared it to the similar trick with Thermite Grenades, in which players hit by the fiery projectiles should immediately throw a Trophy System so as to save themselves.

As previously mentioned, it’s not clear whether Raven will look to patch the mechanic but, for now, drop in and save yourself from enemy semtex using this handy trick.