NICKMERCS calls for Warzone to copy Apex Legends as fans demand Verdansk return

Nathan Warby
Warzone Verdansk map

Warzone players have once again been calling for original map Verdansk to return to the game, and NICKMERCS believes that the devs should take a leaf out of Apex Legend’s book.

With Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 expected to drop later this year, fans have been urging Raven Software to bring back the beloved Verdansk map for one last go around.

Ever since the battle royale made the move to Caldera after the launch of Vanguard, players have failed to fall in love with the Pacific map in the same way as the original. Now that the first Warzone is entering its latter stages, many feel it would be the perfect time to return to Verdansk.

One of these supporters is streaming star NICKMERCS who believes that “Apex does is right” when it comes to map selection.

NICKMERCS wants Warzone to rotate maps like Apex Legends

During a recent video, NICKMERCS spotted that Verdansk is trending as players have been calling for Raven to bring it back. Nick agreed that letting fans drop back into the OG map would be a smart move for the series.

“Anybody who says it wouldn’t bring some hype to the game for a little bit before MW2 is crazy,” Nick said in his video. “Who in here would be mad if they put the old map back? What’s wrong with that?”

He was chatting onstream to FaZe Booya, who agreed that returning to Verdansk would be a good decision for Warzone, and brought up the idea of a rotation system with Caldera.

“Listen bro, Apex does it right,” NICKMERCS replied. “The fact that they have new maps come out and they put them in a spin or rotation – that’s fire.”

Booya then asked if Respawn’s approach to its map helps keep things fresh within the game, to which Nick replied: “Yeah, I mean why do all that work and make that map and then just have it go away forever?”

Apex Legends currently has four different battle royale maps included in the game, which switch out every 60-90 minutes. This lets players enjoy a handful of matches on one map before the game automatically changes up the pace.

Warzone has flirted with the idea in the past, as Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep were part of a rotation at the end of Season 4.

As calls for Verdansk’s return grow stronger, we’ll have to wait and see if Warzone will have multiple main maps in Season 5 or beyond.