Warzone players divided on map rotations after Season 4 removes popular map

Connor Bennett
Warzone bunker gun fight in-game image

Warzone players are still hoping that the Call of Duty devs take a further leap out of Apex Legends’ book now that Ashika Island has been removed from the map pool as they’re split on map rotations.

When Warzone first launched, there was just one map – Verdansk. As the battle royale has expanded over the last few years, more maps have been added to the mix, including smaller battlefields like Rebirth Island, Vondel, Ashika Island, and Fortune’s Keep. 

Vondel and Ashika Island were kept as holdovers from Modern Warfare 2, but Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep were re-added in Modern Warfare 3. The Season 4 update has seen the removal of Ashika, and fans are split over its removal, with some wanting to see CoD take a leap out of Apex Legends’ book and give them longer between map rotations. 

“So f**king stupid (removing Ashika) They can just bring it back per season like Apex does. And maybe add in some improvements in the downtime,” one player said

“I don’t mind the rotations. I just want the rotations to be more like every 2-4 hours. It feels like I can never get into a groove on the map,” one player added. “Rotations are healthy. Playing Rebirth for 2 months straight was pain,” another player commented.

Warzone 2 Ashika Island cinematic
Ashika Island was the first Warzone 2 Resurgence map.

Some players still want a dedicated Rebirth Island playlist too, away from Ranked play. “So many people came back for rebirth and rebirth alone. Why not have rotation on the crappy maps and Rebirth Island gets its own,” one argued. 

“I don’t understand removing Ashika if they weren’t doing so to keep a dedicated Rebirth playlist,” another said. “Rotation playlists are cool and I enjoy them but I’d also like to play the newer map? Hopefully, there’s a new playlist updated which adds a dedicated Rebirth mode,” another commented.

As noted, if you want only to play Rebirth Island, you can do so in Ranked play, but that doesn’t appeal to everyone.