When is Warzone Pacific Season 5? Season 4 end date, Vanguard & more

Warzone player firing with WZ and Vanguard logosActivision

Warzone Season 4 is coming to an end and players of CoD’s battle royale are turning their attention to Season 5 and what is to come. Here, we run through when we expect the fifth season of the Vanguard life-cycle to begin and what should come when it does.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded dropped on July 28, bringing with it the typical meta shake up and plenty of new content for fans to dig into. Among other things like the introduction of the Titanium Trials LTM, multiple ARs were nerfed so as to end the dominance of the NZ-41, which established itself as a comfortable favorite in the season’s early weeks.

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Despite the relative freshness of Season 4 Reloaded, fans are already wondering what is to come with Season 5 and when to expect it. Here’s everything we know.

When is Warzone Season 5? Season 4 end date

While seasonal dates are not confirmed early, we now have a roadmap for Season 5. 

It has confirmed that Season 5 will begin on August 24, exactly as was expected. 

The length of the season – roughly two months – has become standard and means that no Season 6 will occur before Modern Warfare II’s life-cycle begins.

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A delay is possible, with past Warzone seasons pushed back slightly to allow devs to refine what is coming and maximize bug fixes. As of now, no delay is expected to Season 5.

Warzone Season 5: Operation Last Call new content, leaks & rumors

As previously mentioned, we now have a roadmap pertaining to Season 5, so we know exactly what is to come. 

Vanguard Season Five RoadmapActivision

Operation Last Call will see a major POI update to Peak, with the volcanic site set to erupt. There’ll also be a new Supply Box UAV killstreak and a Doomsday Station.

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The roadmap has confirmed two new multiplayer maps in Vanguard, Beheaded and Fortress dropping with Season 5. Similarly, operators from a host of CoD games will descend on the title, including Seraph from Black Ops 3 and Raul Menendez of Black Ops 2.

New weapons will include the Valdis Revolver and EX1, but all new weapons should ultimately make their way to Warzone.

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