Warzone players want CoD to copy Fortnite OG with Verdansk return

Jake Nichols
Player dropping in on Verdansk in Warzone

With Fortnite experiencing tremendous success due to the return of the game’s original map, Call of Duty players are now hoping that they can get their own “OG” feels with the return of Verdansk.

Fortnite just experienced the “biggest day” in the game’s history as more than 44.7 million players logged in and recorded 102 million hours of gameplay in a single day.

The reason for the exceptional feat is none other than the return of Fortnite OG – bringing back the original island map, as well as many of the game’s original items, features, and more.

Call of Duty fans on the other side of the fence are looking over and witnessing the game’s incredible revival. And now, they’re calling for a resurgence of their own by requesting the return of the game’s original Warzone map, Verdansk.

A popular tweet by Charlie Intel has sparked discussion regarding how “Call of Duty needs to bring Verdsansk back.”

In the comments, many players are quick to agree with the sentiment, with one player writing, “That would make far too much sense for them to do though.”

Others, on a similar note, shared, “They have to bring it back” and “that the “servers couldn’t handle” the return of many players.

But some Call of Duty fans believe it’s “way too soon,” however. “Fortnite has way more maps, and has been out a few years longer. It doesn’t even feel like it was that long ago since I played that map tbh, I don’t think they should just yet tbh,” one player wrote.

Verdansk, the original battleground that launched with Warzone in 2020, has been absent from the game in Warzone 2. But that hasn’t stopped some cheeky players from finding a way to access the game’s popular map.

Fans who don’t want to wait around for the map to return to Warzone can instead battle it out in many of Verdansk’s most iconic locations in this year’s Modern Warfare III (2023) campaign.

Verdansk Prison, Arklov Military Base, Verdansk Stadium, and Gora Dam all feature in the Modern Warfare III campaign and hold a special place in the hearts of many Warzone players, much like many of the locations in Fortnite’s OG map.

But one thing’s for sure. Fortnite’s success with the OG revival won’t go unnoticed.

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