What is the Apex Legends map rotation right now? Current season maps

Apex Legends map rotationRespawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends map rotation changes with every new season, so it’s always helpful to know which map is active for pubs and Ranked before you jump into the action.

Back in 2019 at the release of Apex Legends, the game only had a single map in form of the classic Kings Canyon.

Now, in Season 13, Respawn has added three more maps to the battle royale each with a variety of unique POIs and features.

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Of course, each individual player has their favorite location, whether it’s Storm Point, Olympus, World’s Edge, or Kings Canyon.

So, knowing which maps are in rotation for pubs and Ranked is absolutely essential and luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends map rotation for pubs and Ranked

Apex Legends Wattson StormRespawn Entertainment
Storm Point was the latest map to be added to Apex Legends.

In Season 13, the pubs map rotation includes World’s Edge. Olympus, and Storm Point. Unfortunately, fans of Kings Canyon will have to wait until the OG map returns, as it was removed at the start of Saviors.

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When it comes to Ranked, competitive players will be battling it out on Worlds Edge until Season 14 kicks off in early August.

Apex Legends map rotation tracker

Worlds Edge Lava SiphonRespawn Entertainment
Season 14 of Apex Legends is expected to go live in early August.

Sometimes, players are not in the mood to play a specific map and instead want to wait until their favorite is active.

So, instead of waiting in the lobby, it’s easier to use the useful website apexmap.kuroi which tracks the exact time a map is going to be in rotation.

Hopefully, this has given you a full rundown on how to keep track of the map rotation in Apex. Rest assured, we’ll update the information in August when Season 14 finally arrives.

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