Warzone could rotate maps like Apex Legends and bring back Verdansk

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Warzone Season 4 sees the battle royale rotate between two maps for the first time, and CoD expert WhosImmortal believes this could hint that the beloved OG map, Verdansk, could make a return one day.

Following the addition of Fortune’s Keep to Warzone in Season 4, the CoD battle royale now has map rotation for the very first time since its launch in 2020. As of July 21, Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will be swapped out daily, giving players more variety if they don’t want to tackle the full-scale Warzone experience.

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Fans have been calling for rotated maps ever since the switch to Caldera around the time of Vanguard’s release, a feature that Apex Legends has had great success with. The new Pacific map got off to a seriously bumpy start, and many immediately began to miss the gritty streets of Verdansk.

Well, players’ wishes may be answered, as Warzone expert WhosImmortal believes that multiple maps in Season 4 could open the door for the original Verdank map to return.

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WhosImmortal thinks Verdansk could return to Warzone

In the past, Warzone devs have admitted they “all want” to be able to rotate between Caldera and Verdansk, but technical limitations have gotten in the way. However, WhosImmortal feels that the rotation between Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep is a sign of things to come.

“We are 110% in a testing ground for Warzone 2,” he said in a recent video. “If we’re seeing map rotation being put into the game now…that is 110% to see how the players react.” He went on to explain that Warzone isn’t the long-term focus now, with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone expected later this year.

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“They’re dropping in things to test. The health update – that’s to test player sentiment and see how people react. Map rotations, same thing.”

If the community responds well to the contest switching between Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep, WhosImmortal is adamant that the original Warzone map will return before we know it.

“If it all goes well and they consistently see players jumping on to experience the new map rotations, I fully believe Verdansk, at one point in time, is going to be back in a map rotation.”

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He pointed out that adding in Verdansk towards the end of Warzone’s lifecycle could be a good way of keeping interest high when Modern Warfare 2 drops, but it could also feature in Warzone 2 at launch.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see what Raven has in store for us in Warzone Season 5 and beyond, but there’s no doubt that fans would to see their beloved Verdansk back in the game once again.

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