Modern Warfare 2’s Museum draws comparisons to iconic Raid map from fans

Black Ops 2 Raid gameplayActivision

Activision revealed the layout for Modern Warfare 2’s Museum, and it didn’t take long for players to notice a resemblance to the legendary CoD map Raid.

Call of Duty Next is set to reveal new multiplayer features for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, as well as more details about Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile.

Activision already revealed two Modern Warfare 2 maps, as Grand Prix was announced at CDL Champs 2022 and Farm 18 was shown as part of Activision’s Intel Drops series.

Grand Prix draws from the culture of Formula 1 and pits players against each other in a new kind of arena. Farm 18 takes inspiration from Modern Warfare 2019’s Shoothouse.

We don’t know much about Museum, but all players needed was an image of the layout to get a shot of nostalgia.

Modern Warfare 2’s Museum map looks familiar

Some players consider Raid the best Call of Duty map of all time.

Activision teased players by slowly revealing a series of images until finally giving players a complete look at Musem’s layout.

The map shares a striking resemblance to the iconic Black Ops 2 map Raid. Both maps share similar outer lanes and an open area in the middle. The overall shapes of both are also identical.

A Twitter user immediately spotted the resemblance and posted an image of the original map layout.

Raid first appeared in Black Ops 2 and provided countless memories in the pro scene. The iconic map received remakes in Black Ops 4, CoD Mobile, and Black Ops: Cold War.

Hopefully, Call of Duty next provides a closer look at Museum to either confirm or deny players’ suspicions.