Modern Warfare 2 players flame “painful” screen bug caused by update

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2’s latest patch unintendedly impacted the stability of multiplayer matches, frustrating community members.

Glitches are nothing new to Call of Duty or Modern Warfare 2. In an extreme case, players became invincible due to a God mode bug that ruined matches. They come in varying shapes and sizes, as a Season 2 glitch allowed players to equip two riot shields at once.

The latest mishap wreaks havoc on multiplayer matches and private matches, which has larger implications for the competitive COD scene.

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May 16 patch breaks Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer matches

Infinity Ward released a small patch on May 16. The update nerfed the GS Magna and FTAC Siege in Warzone 2 and addressed bugs across both titles. Most changes only impacted Modern Warfare 2, but multiplayer ended up suffering an unintended consequence.

CharlieIntel reported: “Today’s new update appears to have broken many parts of the game for some players.”

In the video, a bug caused the spectator overlay to flicker and crowd the screen, despite the player not even spectating. The glitch also caused substantial screen tearing, almost rendering the game unplayable.

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Community members sounded off in the comment section.

COD content creator HunterTV responded: “Every day I wake up and there is something wrong with this game. I can’t take it anymore.”

A second user claimed that this was already an issue before. “Not this again. This was present in the launch I see it made a return.”

The Rotation reported that the issue has also impacted Ranked Play and custom games. Hopefully, this doesn’t result in players losing Skill Rating or matches.

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And this also means Challengers and CDL teams won’t be able to host any scrims with each other if custom games aren’t working properly.

Infinity Ward has not yet issued a statement on the issue. We will provide an update if the developers roll out a fix.

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