Modern Warfare 2 players are convinced best Gunfight maps already exist

Modern Warfare 2 GunfightInfinity Ward

Modern Warfare 2 fans have taken to designing their own maps for the Gunfight mode as demand for the feature grows.

When Modern Warfare 2 released back in November 2022, it brought many fan-favorite modes back from the original game. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t include every feature in future installments.

For example, despite its popularity in the original Modern Warfare, Gunfight mode was left behind. The popular feature was a huge hit among players because it offered 2v2 style gameplay on very small maps.

With recent information that Gunfight will return to Modern Warfare 2, some fans have taken to designing their own “what-if” mockup maps. They are visualizing what Gunfight mode could look like as they eagerly await its return.

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Modern Warfare 2 fan creates their own Gunfight maps

With no real timeframe currently available for Gunfight return, players have taken to clipping small sections of existing maps to get a sense of what could come in the future. 

In a recent Reddit post, one Modern Warfare 2 fan took it upon themselves to try and design what some Gunfight maps could look like. The creator of the post shows four maps they took small pieces from to show how Gunfight mode could be implemented.

Many Modern Warfare 2 fans replied in the comments offering their suggestions and opinions about the missing mode: One said, “Wow dude really said ‘Fine, I’ll do it myself’ because Infinity Ward won’t.”

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Another voiced how much they simply want the mode back in, “I want Gunfight so badly at this point just give me the MW 2019 maps Pine, Hill, Stack, I don’t care just let me play it.”

Not every reply was in favor of the new maps, as one user said, “I don’t want areas for gunfight I want NEW maps not cutouts from old maps.”

Some fans would likely be fine with anything as long as the mode gets into the game, while others don’t appear to want quick throw-ins of sectioned maps that already exist.

However, with more leaks saying Gunfight won’t be coming in Season 2, fans of the mode may be waiting for a while longer to see it in Modern Warfare 2.

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