Modern Warfare 2 devs respond to party bug causing game crashes

MW2 silhouette imageActivision

Modern Warfare 2 developers Infinity Ward have provided another response to a bug causing parties to crash matches, with players unable to drop into multiplayer with friends.

Modern Warfare 2 finally dropped to players around the world on October 28 after months of anticipation and a week of early access Campaign.

As players get used to the maps, guns, and changes from the multiplayer beta, they also have to navigate the inevitable bugs and glitches that accompany a new game’s release. 

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So far we’ve seen issues surrounding the MW2 Vault Edition and the infamous ‘Scan and Repair’ error return.

October 28 also brought a new problem, seeing players partying up quickly booted out of their game thanks to an irritating bug.

Infinity Ward “investigating” party crashing issue in MW2

Thankfully, Infinity Ward promptly responded on Twitter, letting players know that the issue is being looked into and will hopefully be resolved soon. 

They said: “We’re aware of some players experiencing crashes when partied up. Please stay tuned as we investigate the issue.”

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Shortly after the developers provided another update. Unfortunately, it won’t be fixed imminently, with the devs instead scheduling a fix for the morning of October 29 PDT time.

That means those in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa will have to wait until late on October 29 for a fix.

Infinity Ward said: “Thank you for your patience. We will be deploying a mitigation for party related crashes tomorrow morning (PDT). Update to follow.”

A cause is not entirely clear either, meaning it’s even more difficult for players to avoid at the moment. 

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Those affected will, for the time being, just have to cope with gaming alone until the problem receives a patch. 

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