MW3 players concerned major issue could “kill” game already if not fixed

Connor Bennett
Call of Duty operator in Modern Warfare 3 with MW3 logo in top left cornerActivision

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 players have got one big issue with multiplayer that they’re concerned could “kill” the game already if it’s not addressed. 

Over the last few years, the Call of Duty community has gotten increasingly frustrated with multiplayer matchmaking and just how exactly it works. 

Casual players have continually complained that many games feel like high-stakes competitive games rather than just fun. On the other, players who would rather dip their toe into Ranked Play have been annoyed by the long wait for that to release, and even when it does, they’ve voiced concerns about rank distribution. 

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Well, in the short time that Modern Warfare 3 has been out, those complaints have reared their heads again, as players have gotten frustrated at how matchmaking has been shaking out. 

MW3 players furious with matchmaking and SBMM already

“The current matchmaking will kill the game,” claimed Redditor ivory_tusks, who added that the game has the potential to be “great” but is being held back by “tragic” matchmaking.

“It just feels impossible to have fun in the game at the moment, every match is an MLG top tier battle for $1000000 no fun or goofing around allowed, you must sweat your ass off if you want to go positive or you’ll get smacked,” they added. 

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Others quickly agreed too. “Seriously these players are top 1% how are they in almost every lobby lol it’s crazy,” said one. “If I enter a game and its ultra sweaty I just leave until I find a decent one, why should I put myself through absolute misery when I can just keep looking?” another said. 

Plenty of players added that the game is “punishing” and “brutal” for those who want to solo queue. “Solo player here also, my team are always absolutely shocking meanwhile the other team has nuclear calling cards and the lot,” said one.

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Some argued that, given these complaints have been around for a while, nothing wholesale is likely to change. “SBMM didn’t kill mw2 so why would it kill mw3?” one countered. “CoD games never die. They either do amazingly or really well,” added another.

There may be some tuning for the devs to do behind the scenes, but again, its unlikely to be the overhaul some are demanding.

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