Warzone 2 Feb 16 patch notes: Game crashes, revive glitch, more

Tsuki Castle on Warzone 2's Ashika Island.Activision

Infinity Ward announced a hotfix for bugs plaguing Warzone 2 after the Season 2 update.

Warzone 2 Season 2 is finally here, introducing a new Resurgence map, customizable Perks, and major gameplay changes. Unfortunately, rampant game crashes marred an exciting seasonal update for Modern Warfare 2 and WZ2 players.

Making matters worse, players crashed in the middle of Ranked Play matches, resulting in lost Skill Rating points and 1-hour suspensions to no fault of their own. In a less severe issue, players reported a surprising lack of armor plates in the new Resurgence playlist.

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Raven Software rushed out a hotfix hours later, adding more armor plates. The developers also responded in record time to fix the game’s crashing issues and other hiccups affecting Season 2’s launch.

Game crashes and revive bug resolved in hotfix update

Warzone 2 characters using armor platesActivision
The Season 2 update improved mobility while using armor plates.

On February 16, Infinity Ward added a new section to the Season 2 patch notes, going over bug fixes made.

Players experienced game crashes after starting the game, and the latest patch should fix that issue. Also, some users experience an issue causing them to lose the ability to move after reviving a downed squad member.

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Lastly, an issue prevented armor plates from being automatically equipped. Those three issues, along with other bugs, have now been resolved.

Warzone 2 February 16 patch notes

Here are the full Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 February 16 patch notes.


  • Fixed several issues causing crashes on game client start as we continue to prioritize further fixes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Battle Pass Tokens that had rolled over from Season 01 from appearing correctly in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue that caused view distortion while using the Riot Shield.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse and keyboard Players could not remove certain Blueprint Attachments in Gunsmith.
  • Fixed an issue that caused visual misalignment while previewing some Weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused visual misalignment while using the Killstreak tablet or the Heartbeat Sensor.



  • Fixed an issue that caused Players to lose the ability to move after reviving a downed Squad member.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Armor Plates from automatically filling the active Loadout slot until the Player manually equipped one first.
  • Fixed an issue in DMZ where Players were holding invisible Weapons when no Weapon was actually equipped.