Mind-blowing Warzone bug puts players in third-person and it’s ruining tournaments

Warzone Pacific gameplayActivision

Perhaps Warzone’s wildest glitch yet is forcing players to have an out-of-body experience by forcing a third-person perspective and all but ruining high-stakes tournaments.

Bugs have certainly been plentiful since Caldera arrived in the Warzone Pacific update. We’ve seen everything from invisible Operator skins to magic bushes and even lobbies packed full of cheaters

But in a $20,000 tournament on December 29, we may have seen the most outrageous glitch to date. Seemingly at random, Twitch streamer ‘Ferkull’ was forced out of the standard first-person perspective.

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After a journey across the island, spectating various teams without explanation, he regained control of his Operator. This time, though, he was playing Warzone from a third-person point of view.

“What just happened?” the streamer asked three hours into the competition. After landing at Peak and wiping out some early challengers, Ferkull decided to use his Recon Drone to scout the rest of the POI. It was this harmless action that triggered the first step of the unprecedented bug.

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“Am I dead? I’m under the f***ing map,” he said as his camera was thrown about Caldera. Every few seconds his view shifted without explanation. At one stage he had clear view of an enemy team, then he was thrust into the gulag for no discernable reason.

There was even a moment where the streamer latched onto a killstreak. As a Cluster Strike was called in, his camera decided to morph inside and descend onto the map. 

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While it was non-stop laughter in Twitch chat, the player’s teammates grew concerned. “Can we get banned for this? one of them asked as the $20K tournament continued.

Before the team backed out to try and restart the lobby, things only got more out of hand. Ferkull’s camera switched perspective once again, though now, he was back to his original spot on Peak.

Rather than playing from a first-person POV, however, he now had control of his Operator from a third-person view. Running, slide-canceling, aiming down sights, it all worked from this unique angle. “I’m playing in third-person,” the streamer yelled at the top of his lungs in complete disbelief.

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The camera was clunky, with half the screen phasing through the ground. But that didn’t stop the Trio from laughing, even with big money on the line.

Unfortunately for them, the competition continued to roll on. No restart was allowed, so the third-person game was officially in the books.

There’s no telling if the bug is repeatable, but Recon Bugs could be the cause of some serious headaches if the issue becomes prevalent.

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