Warzone cheaters instantly max out weapon levels with hacked lobbies

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Even though Call of Duty: Warzone is safeguarded by the RICOCHET anti-cheat software, cheaters are now rigging lobbies so that if a player scores one kill it will instantly max out that weapon’s level.

It was always common knowledge that RICOCHET would be implemented as an adaptive anti-cheat system, meaning that cheaters and hackers would keep coming up with new methods, and RICOCHET would learn them and adapt to them.

There has been little in the way of hackers in Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map so far. However, the first major hack has become public knowledge, even affecting major streamers like Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatMan.

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warzone operators aiming gunsActivision
it seems that no guns are off-limits with this insane weapon hack.

During a recent stream, TimTheTatMan was messing around in a pre-match Warzone lobby and destroyed a player with the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle. All seemed normal until a delayed prompt confused both him and his fellow streamers.

“Wait, it just said my gun went up to Level 70 with one kill. Homie, my gun is Level 70.” He went on to say that with that one kill, his gun went from “Level 8 to 70 I swear to god. It popped up on the screen Doc [Dr Disrespect] that’s the only reason I knew it.” Tim subsequently posted a tweet with footage of the incident.

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Recent Call of Duty games have become quite notorious for having grindy XP systems, particularly for weapons. With a ton of attachments now available for most weapons, players are finding it tiresome to reach Level 70 to unlock all the best attachments.

Not only that, but fans of the game are also becoming tired of sinking hours into a new meta gun, just for the devs to patch it out quickly.

Whilst this glitch is obviously very useful as it can get players to Level 70 with any gun they desire, this will be a huge red flag for Raven Software and Activision. So don’t expect it to be in the game too much longer.

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