Warzone pro Tommey finds “magic mushroom” bush that blurs screen

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Call of Duty: Warzone pro Tommey was completely baffled when he chanced upon a random Caldera bush that seems to break your vision as soon as you touch it. Now, players are calling it Pacific’s “magic mushroom.”

In a first-person shooter, like most games, being able to see what’s going on is pretty important. You can’t shoot what you can’t see, and that’s one of the reasons Warzone players were so excited for the vibrancy and brightness of the Pacific.

Unfortunately, there seems to be at least one hidden spot in the Caldera environment that ruins visibility. In fact, it completely fogs up and blurs your entire screen as soon as you touch it.

While moving around the map, Warzone’s top earner and 2021’s top-ranked pro, Tommey, ran into this spot. Marked by a bush (or maybe a small spruce?) adjacent to a rock, the location appears to instantly mess with your vision.

Glitched bush discovered in Warzone Pacific

As you can see in the clip, Tom parachutes to the ground and, while running, passes the bush and lets out a quick “whoa” as his whole screen fogs up. Fortunately, it only lasts for as long as you’re in that spot, but he went back and checked to be sure.

Upon returning to the spot, Tommey’s screen returns to a blurred state and he asks, “What is this?” His teammate then joins him on the spot, and it becomes clear that this is a universal issue, as they quickly reacted: “Yo, why is my thing f**ked up?”

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Caldera’s vibrant scenery still seems to hide some secrets.

In the replies, many theorized about what the effect could be. Some believe it’s the type of screen fogging caused by the game’s water geysers or by going prone in the shallow pools. 

But while there’s a stream nearby, it doesn’t seem to touch this bush at all. So one user simply called it the “magic mushroom” bush, since there’s no logical explanation for what happened.

With Caldera still relatively new to the Warzone community, it seems that little secrets are continuing to pop up here and there. This one most certainly feels like an unintentional bug, but the devs will need to confirm that before we can be 100% positive.