Pay-to-win Warzone invisible skin still ruining matches after 2 weeks

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone invisible skin battle pass pacific

The Call of Duty: Warzone invisible skin is, after two weeks, still on the loose. Without any indication of an incoming fix, player patience is growing thin as the “pay-to-win” Battle Pass Operator wreaks havoc.

Have you noticed a weird, floating orange mask in Warzone – or the inability to see people shooting at you from far away? There is a shared, mysterious nightmare plaguing the Warzone community. And, even if you didn’t realize, you may have been a victim yourself.

If you’ve noticed the invisible Warzone skin, you’re probably already annoyed by it and we’re simply preaching to the choir here. If you haven’t noticed it, that’s entirely understandable – it is literally invisible and, therefore, hard to notice.

Basically, the Tier 100 Operator skin in the Vanguard and Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass is glitched. Called the “Awoken Francis,” the bug completely camouflages everything but the operator’s mask past 35 meters. And it’s still not fixed.

Warzone invisible skin ignored by devs for 2 weeks

The glitch was first noticed back around December 15, when concerns surrounding the pay-to-win skin bubbled up. And, with Raven Software tweeting about new events about two weeks later, users are asking where the fix is.

As shown in a video from ‘Fallen_Eh,’ Warzone’s invisible skin can be spotted simply by a floating mask in the distance. And they had a simple question for the devs: “Fix pay to win invisible operator skin?”

And Fallen_Eh is far from alone in wondering when and where a fix will be, as numerous streamers are also voicing concern.

Warzone streamers frustrated with invisible skin

A New York Subliner streamer and frequent tournament competitor, Swishem appears absolutely baffled that the bugged skin still exists. On December 28, the gamer asked: “How have they not fixed the invisible skin in warzone yet?”

And there’s no answer to that question just yet. The issue doesn’t even exist on Raven Software’s Trello board for known problems at the moment. 

With quality assurance testers on strike and the studios on holiday break, it’s unclear when the pay-to-win Warzone invisible skin will finally get sorted out.