Warzone players baffled & enraged by Gulag gun with a “spoon” on it

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Call of Duty: Warzone received a dose of WW2 realism with Vanguard’s integration, but one gun is a bit too much for modern tastes. A Type 11 in the Gulag, which seems to have a spoon on top, is infuriating players.

Iron sights and scopes are critical in a first-person shooter. In Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops Cold War, players even preferred certain blueprints over others just to get cleaner iron sights.

But World War II was a different time and guns simply functioned differently. A firearms historian took a look at Vanguard’s historical accuracy and had mixed feelings, but was impressed by some homages.

One such homage is getting less love from the Warzone community. The Japanese Type 11 is in the Gulag and its historically accurate spoon-shaped hopper handle is testing everyone’s patience.

Warzone Gulag gun’s “spoon” infuriates players

As you can see in the clip, streamer Speros_OG is confused from the moment he takes out his Gulag gun: “What in the F is this? Why do I have a spoon on the top of my gun?”

And, after killing his opponent, it turns out that they were also absolutely baffled: “This f**king gun man, what the f**k.”

This sentiment was widely echoed by other players as well, with an entire Reddit post devoted to unanimously agreeing “this Gulag gun needs to go.” It seems that no one is happy about the unique weapon, even if it is realistic.

When historical accuracy goes wrong

To be completely fair, that spoon thing is a real feature. As shown in a look at a real-world Type 11, the light machine gun features a “hopper” on the left side that enables users to pop ammo cartridges in.

Like the game, that IRL hopper’s handle is easy to mistake for a spoon.

Still, the Type 11’s Gulag variant is undeniably bizarre compared to normal CoD weapons. Instead of aiming down sights at the center, the gun is seemingly placed on the left shoulder with the iron sights set off to the right.

While kudos should be given to the developers for realism, players don’t seem thrilled with that novelty when it comes to a life-or-death scenario. For now, they’ll just need to adapt until a Gulag weapons update rolls through.

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