How to unlock Warzone Ghost of War, Scream and Donnie Darko Halloween skins


Warzone’s The Haunting Halloween event is bringing three spooky operator skins that players can get their hands on. Here’s how to unlock the Ghost of War, Scream, and Donnie Darko skins so you can scare up some fun.

The Haunting event went live on October 19 at 10 AM PT and some famous Halloween-themed skins arrived alongside it.

From Scream’s Ghost face to Frank the Rabbit in Donnie Darko, there are some new, terrifying operator skins in Warzone.

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While some of these skins already appeared in the game prior to their release thanks to hackers, everyone can now finally get their hands on them.

How to unlock Ghost of War Warzone skin bundle

For players that have preordered Call of Duty: Vanguard, you will be rewarded with a new operator skin. The Ghost of War skin can be used in Warzone and Cold War just by preordering the game.

Starting on October 22 through November 2, anyone who preorders Vanguard will receive this operator skin in their menu. Those that have already preordered the game will receive it as well.

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What’s in the Ghost of War Warzone bundle?

The Ghost of War bundle in Warzone not only brings the incredible Ultra skin with it, but it also features a bunch of accessories and weapon blueprints. Here’s everything included:

  • Ghost of War (Naga skin)
  • Ghost Sword (Krig 6 blueprint)
  • Ghost Marsh (Bullfrog blueprint)
  • Ghost Bellow (Streetsweeper blueprint)
  • Underworld (Accessory)
  • War Horse (Vehicle skin)
  • Spirit Realm (Vehicle horn)
  • Shot Down (Finishing move)
  • War Monger (Emblem)

How to unlock Scream Warzone skin

Scream Warzone how to unlockActivision
The Scream bundle is going live on October 19 for all players.

Players that want to play as the popular movie character will need to shell out some COD Points. Similar to other skin bundles, this one’s going to set you back 2,400 Cod Points.

Just like the Ghost of War, you’re not just getting a skin here but an entire bundle.

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What’s in the Scream Warzone bundle?

Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

  • Ghostface (Ghostface Operator Skin)
  • Plot Twist (EM2 Weapon Blueprint)
  • Slasher (TEC-9 Weapon Blueprint)
  • Ghost Blade (Knife Blueprint)
  • Cordless Phone (Weapon Charm)
  • Scary Hours (Accessory)
  • Violent End (Finishing Move)
  • SCREAM (Emblem)
  • Stabbing Motion (Calling Card)
  • Double XP Token

How to unlock Donnie Darko Warzone skin

Donnie Darko Warzone The HauntingActivision
Frank the Rabbit will be part of a Donnie Darko bundle during The Haunting.

The Donnie Darko Tracer bundle is available starting from October 24.

Similar to the Scream bundle, it’s expected to cost 2,400 CoD Points, letting you dominate Verdansk as Frank the Rabbit.

What’s in the Donnie Darko Warzone bundle?

Here’s what’s included in the Donnie Darko Warzone bundle:

  • Frank the Rabbit (Baker Skin)
  • Costume Party (AR Blueprint [with Purple Electric Tracer Fire])
  • Fear Monger (SMG Blueprint [with Purple Electric Tracer Fire])
  • Wake Up Call (Sniper Blueprint [with Purple Electric Tracer Fire])
  • Jet Engine (Charm)
  • Time Lapse (Accessory)
  • Sky is Falling (Finishing Move)
  • Quite Frank (Emblem)
  • Projected Vision (Calling Card)
  • Double XP Token