Anti-cheat group expects “Day 1” Warzone Pacific hacks after RICOCHET leak

Ricochet leaked COD anti-cheatActivision

An anti-cheat watchdog is warning that Warzone’s Pacific update could be crawling with new hackers after Call of Duty’s RICOCHET was leaked before launch.

Activision and Call of Duty have been hyping up the series’ new anti-cheat known as RICOCHET, but with hack developers already working to reverse it, it may not take long to crack.

As Dexerto reported, cheaters aren’t worried about RICOCHET and thanks to the leaked kernel-level driver, they have a head start in preparing for the anti-cheat’s implementation in Warzone.

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Now, according to Anti-Cheat Police Department, it seems like hackers could be ready for RICOCHET on day one, when it rolls out alongside Warzone’s Pacific update.

Watchdog not surprised to see Warzone cheats on day one

While Call of Duty has shut down concerns that an early RICOCHET build was leaked, Anti-Cheat PD says this doesn’t change the fact that hackers can “destroy” the obfuscator they use for their kernel driver with ease.

“Cheat devs can quickly destroy it within hours. I hope the obfuscator you use on release is better than what’s shown,” the group said in response of CoD’s message.

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“The game is too close to release, and I really doubt you have something ready against that. I have seen the driver be completely de-obfuscated within hours and cheat devs be able to obtain the information they need,” they added. “ I would not be surprised for day 1 cheats.”

Warzone’s Pacific map is set to release sometime after Vanguard launches in 2021. Warzone in particular has become known for hackers and RICOCHET was intended to level the playing field.

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Now, with Vanguard launching in November, we won’t have long to wait to find out if hackers really have broken RICOCHET already and what the future will hold for both CoD titles.