How to pre-order CoD Vanguard: Pre-load times, pre-order bonuses, special editions, more

CoD Vanguard cover artActivision

Call of Duty Vanguard is just days away from launch. If you’re struggling to pick the right special edition, or just want to know the digital pre-load times, we’ve got you covered with a complete pre-order guide.

After a year in Treyarch’s Cold War, Sledgehammer Games is pivoting the CoD franchise back to WWII. With CoD Vanguard, players will have access to a new campaign, the latest iteration of Zombies, and of course, CoD’s typical multiplayer component.

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Whether you’re jumping back into the series after a break or continuing your yearly tradition of playing on launch day, it can be a tad confusing picking out the right edition.

With various bundles, cross-gen confusion, and a number of exclusive rewards locked behind certain editions, there’s plenty to wrap your head around.

So to keep things simple, we’ve broken down every version of CoD Vanguard, where you can pre-order, and when digital copies go live. Here’s everything you need to pre-order CoD Vanguard.

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CoD Vanguard special editions

CoD Vanguard cover artActivision
CoD Vanguard is launching with a Standard Edition, Cross-Gen Bundle, and Ultimate Edition.

First and foremost is picking out the right edition of CoD Vanguard for you. Which platform are you on? Will you be getting a new-gen console in the near future? Do you plan on picking up the first Battle Pass? These are all relevant questions you should be asking before settling on a pre-order.

Activision is catering to every different scenario with CoD Vanguard’s release.

Check the table below to see what’s included with each edition of CoD Vanguard. Vanguard

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  CoD Vanguard Standard Edition CoD Vanguard Cross-Gen Bundle CoD Vanguard Ultimate Edition
Compatible across console generations (Previous gen version only)

Night Raid Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint

Arthur Kingsley Operator

Frontline Weapons Pack

5 Hours of Weapon 2XP

5 Hours of Player 2XP

Task Force One Pack

Battle Pass Bundle

Where to pre-order CoD Vanguard

Vanguard FOV settingsActivision
CoD Vanguard will be available at all the usual retailers.

When it comes to pre-ordering CoD Vanguard, you’ve got plenty of options on where to pick up your copy.

If you’re after a physical version, you can’t go wrong with the usual spots. Be it GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, or anything in between, release day prices are the same across the board.

Standard previous-gen copies will run you $59.99 while new-gen copies come in at $69.99 instead.

Only standard editions of CoD Vanguard can be purchased at brick and mortar stores. If you’re seeking the Cross-Gen Bundle or the Ultimate Edition, you’ll need to check digital storefronts.

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CoD Vanguard Digital pre-order

Purchasing Vanguard digitally comes with its own set of perks. Not only can you jump the minute servers go live, but you can also get your hands on various editions not available in physical stores.

You’ll want to check BattleNet for PC, the Microsoft Store for Xbox, and PlayStation Network for PS4 or PS5 users.

Prices remain the same as physical copies for standard editions online. Meanwhile, the Cross-Gen Bundle will cost you $69.99 and the Ultimate Edition comes in at $99.99.

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CoD Vanguard pre-load times

Pre-loading for CoD Vanguard has now been mapped out. Below is the full overview of when pre-loads became available across all platforms.

  • PS4 & PS5 pre-load: October 28 at 9AM PT (US only). October 29 at midnight local time (worldwide)
  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X |S pre-load: October 28 at 9AM PT (worldwide)
  • PC pre-load: November 2 at 10AM PT (worldwide)


If you happen to pre-order the game digitally, we also know exactly when you’ll be able to jump in. CoD Vanguard unlocks on consoles at 9pm PT on November 4 for those in North America. Other regions will gain access at midnight local time on November 5.

For those that pre-order on PC, you’ll be able to join the CoD Vanguard fun at the same time anywhere in the world.

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CoD Vanguard pre-order bonuses

Last but not least come CoD Vanguard’s pre-order bonuses. There’s plenty of additional content being thrown around with this year’s release, as players can get their hands on everything from new Operator skins to bonus hours of Double XP.

Pre-ordering any version of CoD Vanguard entitles you to the following bonuses:

  • Early access to the Open Beta
  • Night Raid Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint
  • Arthur Kingsley Operator skin
  • Opportunity to pre-load CoD Vanguard
  • 5 Hours of Weapon 2XP

That’s all there is to know about pre-ordering CoD Vanguard either physically or digitally.

Be sure to brush up on everything else there is to know about CoD Vanguard before you jump into this year’s new release.

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