FaZe Crimsix says that CDL Champs format restricts player movement: “Everyone loses”

Crimsix hosting the Burned Bridges Call of Duty podcast.YouTube: Crimsix

Former Call of Duty pro, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has spoken out against the current CDL Champs format, explaining why it’s unfair to players.

The Call of Duty League confirmed Las Vegas as the location for Modern Warfare 2 Championship Weekend. From June 15 to 18, the league’s best teams will battle it out with a chance to win a coveted world championship ring and a large paycheck.

Under the current format, only eight of the league’s 12 teams earn a trip to Championship Weekend. Crimsix helped spearhead a “miracle” CDL Champs qualification run with the New York Subliners in 2022, securing eighth place after entering the final Major in 11th.

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Despite playing a key role in one of the most remarkable CDL storylines in 2022, the COD legend explained why the current format holds player movement back.

Crimsix slams current CDL Champs format

In 2021, Crimsix pleaded with the CDL to let all 12 teams compete at Champs. The three-time COD Champs winner doubled down on May 22 and explained why the format prevents players from changing teams mid-season.

“Orgs will hold their substitutes/benched players “hostage” for fear of an opposing team acquiring them and potentially knocking their team out of champs qualification.”

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Crimsix claimed that the New York Subliners attempted to pick up Charlie ‘Hicksy’ Hicks during COD Vanguard, but nothing ever got passed the initial discussions with Toronto.

The Subliners eventually picked up Matthew ‘KiSMET’ Tinsley instead, who ended up developing into a phenomenal player, but that didn’t change Crimsix’s stance on the issue.

“Fact still remains that it was an incredibly stressful season due to this top8 only. Kismet got blessed, then blessed us. And Hicksy got screwed.

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Crimsix also argued that fans lose out when Championship Weekend is shorter. With fewer teams qualifying, it cuts down on the number of matches during the season’s final event.

“With 8 teams qualifying, everyone loses—especially fans because there’s no storyline potential and less gameplay to watch.”

It will be interesting to see if any teams make a last-minute roster change before Championship Weekend, but with no more online matches remaining, it’s probably unlikely.

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