Dr Disrespect wants Warzone to create streamer cosmetics like Fortnite’s Icon Series

dr disrespect ninja fortnite warzone skinsActivision / Dr Disrespect / Epic Games

Warzone is consistently dropping new operator skins and Dr Disrespect thinks Activision should create streamer cosmetics much like Fortnite’s Icon Series.

Warzone Season 6 is underway and the spooky season is set to bring tons of Halloween-themed skins to the fray.

Despite all these new skins that come out, there are still some things that the game hasn’t seen yet.

Dr Disrespect thinks Activision should do something similar to what Epic Games did for Fortnite with its Icon Series and put marquee streamers into the game as skins.

Dr Disrespect suggest adding Warzone skins based off streamers.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect thinks Warzone should add streamer-themed skins like Fortnite has.

Dr Disrespect wants Warzone streamer cosmetics similar to Fortnite 

As Activision continues to dump out more and more bundles Dr Disrespect brings up the idea of creating skins so you can run around as your favorite Warzone streamer.

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In this clip, you can hear Doc throw around the idea of creating an “Influencer Pack” that would contain operator skins resembling Warzone streamers.

“You throw the Two-time in here, or ‘Timmy-Tenders’ TimTheTatMan, or NICKMERCS, or Tfue, little blonde furball and short pink shorts and a Tesla. Like there’s so many different things you can do with the influencer pack.”

While this is just an idea, it is something that another game is already doing. Fortnite has the Icon Series which has seen the likes of Ariana Grande, Ninja, LeBron James and more be a part of the skin line.

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If this came into Warzone, then it would allow players to run around Verdansk or the new Vanguard map looking like Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatMan, and others.

Activision has worked with CDL teams and implemented basic team skins into Cold War before, so it could be something that the devs capitalize on for their biggest content creators.