Warzone hackers flex on devs using more unreleased Halloween skins early

Warzone HalloweenActivision, Flower Films

Warzone lets players act out their wildest action movie dreams as Rambo and John McClane, but now hackers are flexing the Scream and Donnie Darko-inspired operators way earlier than Activision would like. 

We’re getting close to another season of spooks and thrills and Warzone is set to bring terror to the streets of Verdansk once again with The Haunting event arriving on October 19.

To make things even more chilling, players will be able to spend their hard-earned CoD points on two new operators, in the form of Ghostface (Scream) and Frank (Donnie Darko).

However, these terrifying new additions to the game have appeared earlier than expected.

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Warzone hacker shows off unreleased Scream skin ahead of Halloween eventActivision
Ghostface, from Wes Craven’s iconic Scream, will be dropping into Verdansk.

Hackers are flexing on Activision

Dataminers accessing supposedly locked items is nothing new to Warzone, but this hasn’t stopped hackers flexing their newly acquired items on the battlefield.

Operator packs normally cost between 1600 – 2400 CoD points officially, yet these players aren’t so fussed about dipping into their savings pot.

While Ghostface has already been revealed within the game, some players are now taking the opportunity to revisit the world of Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko. The 2001 psychological horror featured the presence of Frank, a manipulative figure in a bunny costume. Now, Frank is bringing his nefarious ways to Warzone.

Frank isn’t the only addition making an early debut either. Another video showcases a fiery undead skeleton, that looks particularly awesome in motion.

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At the time of writing, it isn’t clear what bundle this spooky skeleton is from. We agree with the poster though, it is “sick AF.”

The Haunting begins October 19 and will include a list of challenges to complete in true Warzone fashion, with the promise of rewards. Keep up with everything to come as Halloween draws closers.