Warzone and Cold War players want fix for “terrible” Battle Axe melee weapon

Warzone and Cold War players want fix for "terrible" Battle Axe melee weaponActivision

With Warzone and Cold War Season 6, players were given a chance to unlock and wield a deadly melee weapon, the Battle Axe. However, people are complaining about how underwhelming it is in-game. 

Season 6 is just getting underway bringing tons of new content for Call of Duty players.

While players are required to complete a challenge to unlock some of the content, it seems that it isn’t worth grinding for some of them.

Despite getting good weapons such as the Grav and .410 Ironhide, fans are upset over the underwhelming Battle Axe melee and want it fixed.

Warzone and Cold War players want Battle Axe melee fixed

Now that players have had the opportunity to use the Battle Axe in Warzone and Cold War, a lot of people are calling it “terrible.”

This Reddit thread posted by ‘footballl_rpg’ points out some of the issues that have come with the new melee weapon.

The first point that everyone agrees on is the hitbox it has. Players have complained that they are swinging the axe multiple times within striking distance but are still missing enemies.

To make matters worse, character models and the axe make loud noises when using it so others are aware that you are nearby.

Some players believe that this melee weapon is glitched and not working the way it’s intended. A Redditor said, “I genuinely believe the weapon in its current state is broken and not working as intended. It misses SO MANY hits, which is unbelievable, frustrating and made me regret buying the bundle.”

While players continue to complain you can see in the video above that a person lost a punching fight to a person using their gun when they had the Battle Axe.

At the time of writing this, Activision has not commented on the state of the axe but the community is hopeful a change will come soon.