Dr Disrespect says “clueless” Warzone devs have given up, but claims he can fix it

Brad Norton
Dr Disrespect playing Warzone

Dr Disrespect has been vocal about his frustrations with Warzone lately but in his latest fit of rage, the two-time demanded Raven Software arrange a meeting so he can fix the game directly.

It’s no secret Dr Disrespect has had his fair share of issues with Warzone in Season 4, from stream snipers to Verdansk itself. He’s even been pleading with other devs to make new battle royales so he can jump ship.

However, one key issue, in particular, has stood out of late.

The ‘worst mistake in gaming,’ according to the Doc, is none other than Warzone’s Dead Silence Field Upgrade; it’s been enough to cause many a Dr Disrespect rage quits over the past few weeks. When combined with the Solo playlist experience, which he’s also been highly critical of, the two-time is at breaking point.

The only way to move forward appears to be for Doc to fix the issues himself, he argued during a July 7 breakdown on YouTube.

“I’m gonna tell them all about the things they need to fix this game,” Doc said at the start of his latest rant. After dying early into a Solos game during his ‘Turbo Tuesday’ stream, he was quick to lash out at the battle royale again.

“Trust me, on a creative level, [Raven Software isn’t] even close to the Champions Club. We’re on a whole other level, I’d fix this game just like that,” he claimed, while snapping his fingers.

If Doc was granted just “one big meeting” with “one whiteboard,” he assured he could resolve the game’s biggest issues today.

“They don’t know what they’re doing and they’ve given up,” he yelled.

“Just a couple of little changes, easy implementations. Nobody wants Dead Silence in the f***ing game, that’d be the first thing I’d write on that whiteboard. I’d make them millions, the population of this game would come back.”

Before long, his rant was interrupted as his mobile started to ring. Lo and behold, it was none other than an ‘Administrative Assistant’ from Raven Software calling his joke flip phone.

The assistant was trying to set up a meeting directly with the ‘audio guy,’ but Doc wasn’t having any of it. 

Instead, he told them to “call back when you get the studio head,” demanding a proper meeting before hanging up.

The relevant topic begins at the 37:35 mark below.

Whether Doc actually gets a meeting with Warzone’s developers or not remains to be seen. Though he’s ever confident that a single chat could remedy some of the biggest problems just like that.

While a Dead Silence fix doesn’t appear to be on the agenda just yet, we do have some early intel on what to expect in Warzone’s next big update.

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