Aydan reveals ultimate Warzone Season 4 duo tier list with some surprise choices

aydan ranks warzone pro duoYouTube: Aydan/NRG/100Thieves/ROKKR/MLG

Aydan has revealed his updated Warzone duos tier list for Season 4, with some surprise selections and premium gas for his peers.

Aydan’s tier lists have often stirred a big response from the community, for better or for worse, with both pros and their fans heavily debating their thoughts or making a case for why they should be higher in his tier list.

With the launch of Season 4, and the first tournament of the World Series of Warzone out of the way, Aydan has given an updated look at who he believes to be the best duos in the game.

Featuring top duos such as Tommey & Almond, HusKerrs & Newbz and more, here’s how he ranked them.

Aydan joins New York SublinersNew York Subliners
Now with NYSL, Aydan is on top of the Warzone world.

For most duos, there was quite a lot of deliberation. Aydan refused to rank himself — though most would agree that he and Rated would comfortably slot into S-Tier, and probably at the top too.

For some, such as Tommey & Almond or Swagg & Booya, it was much easier to put them in their S and B tiers respectively. Here’s how each tier turned out:

  • S Tier: SuperEvan & DiazBiffle, Tommey & Almond, ZLaner & Destroy
  • A Tier: Jukeyz & Fifakill, HusKerrs & Newbz, Blazt & MuTeX, PicNick & Nickool, Mayappo & Otter, JoeWo & Stuwakaki, Scummn & UnRational
  • B Tier: Breadman & IceManIsaac, Swagg & Booya, TeeP & UnRational, DougIsRaw & Exzachtt, Frozone & Ahtract
  • C Tier: TeeP & DougIsRaw, Mayappo & BobbyPoff, Pieman & Kalei

Of course, this ranking is just Aydan’s opinion, but he probably has a better insight than most others, considering he is regularly playing against (and beating) them.

He does argue that duos like Jukeyz and Fifakill and HusKerrs & Newbz could be moved into S tier, but he wanted to reserve that slot purely for the most elite players based on results, earnings and general gameplay.

What do you think of Aydan’s rankings? There are definitely arguments to be made to move different teams up or down, but for the most part, there won’t be much for Warzone fans to complain about.