Dr Disrespect claims Warzone stream snipers are “worse” than hackers

Dr Disrespect streaming Warzone on TwitchYouTube: DrDisrespect

If there are any two things Call of Duty Warzone streamers hate, it’s stream snipers and hackers – but according to Dr Disrespect, the former is far worse than the latter.

Hackers have been a serious plague for the Warzone community, frequently ruining matches with aim and wall cheats that create a seriously unfair advantage.

However, stream snipers have their own brand of toxicity – where instead of cheating to win, they deliberately go out of their way to queue into games with streamers and specifically target them.

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During a recent Warzone broadcast on YouTube, the two-time let loose one of his iconic rants after a stream sniper found his way into Doc’s game with the intent of disrupting it.

Doc was not happy after dealing with a stream sniper three times.

“It’s the same guy, man,” he sighed after dying to the sniper. “I gotta block this guy now. Go get a f**king life! Go get a life!”

After blocking the player, Doc continued to unleash vocalized hell on the no-life stream sniper who had managed to find his way into three of his games in just one day.

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“What are you doing with your f**king life, you f***ing p***y?” he rhetorically asked. “What are you doing?”

According to the two-time, he was “disappointed” in those people for taking the time to ruin his games instead of doing something for themselves.

“I mean, you’ve got no life, man. None. I couldn’t imagine being in your position, at home during the middle of the day trying your absolute hardest to get into the same lobby as me. To use your monitor to follow all my moves, to look at me while you game,” he continued.

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“I feel that’s worse than hacking!” he exclaimed. “Am I right? I feel like that’s worse than hacking.”

warzone glitch enemy hurt self bugActivision
Warzone can be fun when you don’t have hackers or stream snipers involved.

Comparing stream snipers to hackers is definitely not something the average player can relate to, but for big entertainers such as Dr Disrespect, it’s easy to see why he was so annoyed.

Fortunately, there are steps streamers can take to get away from snipers, such as not showing their queue screen, but if you do get one in your game, it’s definitely not a fun experience.

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