Dr Disrespect pleads with DICE to add Battlefield 2042 battle royale

Dr Disrespect Battlefield 2042 battle royaleYouTube: Dr Disrespect / DICE

Dr Disrespect is hyped about Battlefield 2042’s impending release in October 2021. However, with DICE not planning on dropping a battle royale mode with the game’s release, the two-time is pleading for the developer to change their mind.

Battlefield 2042 had its gameplay reveal at E3 2021, and the fanfare was immense. The new title in the beloved franchise has some, like Dr Disrespect, hoping DICE and EA can contest and rival Call of Duty once again.

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However, there is one big thing missing for the two-time: a battle royale.

An avid Warzone player, and known to dabble in the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends every so often, Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest advocates for the battle royale community.

A new-age FPS title not integrating one in 2021 seems odd to him.

“Big budget game, how many maps on launch? Obviously the BR has been downplayed or hasn’t been announced or it’s going to be pushed back,” he said.

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Battlefield 2042 vehiclesDICE/EA
Battlefield 2042 broke the internet during E3 2021, but Dr Disrespect wants one more thing: A battle royale.

Doc slammed Battlefield fans for shunning DICE and EA over Firestorm, the flop of a battle royale released in competition with Warzone in Battlefield 5.

The YouTube star believes there’s room for way more games in the genre, and that battle royales aren’t dying, but rather growing and flourishing.

“Anybody see comments on the Battlefield 2042 post on Twitter? In the trailer? A lot of people like ‘we don’t want BR [battle royale]’,” he said. “Are you guys idiots? ‘BR is played out.’ What the fuck? BR is just getting started.”

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The related clip begins at 1:38 in the video below.

“There’s so much you can do. There’s so many different engines, so many different fictions and games and designs. The hell you guys talking about? These are the same people that are trapped in a box.”

“I want the multiplayer, but I also want the BR, especially on that engine.”

DICE confirmed with Dexerto a battle royale mode is “something [they’ll] have to see down the line,” but with Doc pushing hard, there’s no doubt a loyal fanbase will start growing behind the cause — maybe the devs will have to listen.

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