Dr Disrespect loses it and uninstalls Warzone after getting “world’s first” S2 nuke

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect freaking out after getting warzone nuke

Dr Disrespect has once again uninstalled Warzone – only this time, he did so triumphantly when he finally secured a nuke after weeks of trying.

When it comes to uninstalling and reinstalling games, Dr Disrespect might hold a record. The two-time has constantly deleted Call of Duty games from his computer over the years, normally when he’s fed up with the meta or just overly frustrated with the title.

Things went a bit differently this time around, though. After trying for several weeks to get a nuke in Warzone, Doc was able to finally pull it off with some help from ZLaner and Destroy.

It wasn’t easy, but once the dust settled and the nuke was successful, Dr Disrespect had one of the biggest pop-offs of his streaming career – and that’s saying something.

Dr Disrespect freaks out after “world’s first” Warzone Season 2 nuke

Throughout weeks of streams, Doc, ZLaner and Destroy set out to get a Warzone nuke, but their journey was a tough one.

From January 22, the trio tried to secure five wins in a row to kick off the Champion’s Quest contract, but the squad was thwarted multiple times on their quest.

Finally, on February 7, with Warzone Season 2 underway, the team found more confidence and ended up finally nabbing those five wins, becoming the first team to get a nuke in S2.

The team effort was on full display, with Destroy arming the nuke and ZLander going Super Saiyan, holding off waves of opponents in the final seconds.

As the nuke went off, Doc could hardly contain himself and began celebrating like his 49ers had won the Super Bowl.

“It had to happen, right?” Doc said a few moments later as he began uninstalling Warzone. “I got a real nuke, then I uninstalled. How about that?”

It’s not clear when Dr Disrespect will return to Warzone, but surely the streamer will spend some time savoring this victory before he hopes back into the battle royale.

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