Dr Disrespect begs Warzone 2 devs to get BR “under control”

Dr Disrespect on streamYT: Dr Disrespect

YouTube streamer and mustache savant Dr Disrespect has begged Activision to get Call of Duty “under control” claiming that Warzone 2 is currently in an “atrocious” place. 

Dr Disrespect has been brimming with criticism of Warzone 2 since its release back in November. 

Amongst criticism of its TTK and (lack of) skill gap, he has claimed that it’s designed to protect “brainless gamers” and needs significant adjustment moving forwards. 

In the absence of such changes though, he has doubled down on his demands to Activision. 

Dr Disrespect demands Warzone 2 is brought “under control”

Sending a message to the devs amid a series of tricky Solo matches, he begged them to get it “under control” and claimed the current Warzone 2 Solos experience is “atrocious”. 

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“Get it under control,” he said. “Hey Call of Duty, you gotta get it under control. Activision, you gotta get this franchise under control. Treyarch, Vonderhaar, Vondy, come on man, bring my fun back. You can always rely on a good old Treyarch [game]… Gimme back my CoD! That Solo experience right there was atrocious.”

Timestamp: 14:37

He went on to pinpoint the amount of utility that players are able to have, furthering his past claims that the game has very little in the way of a meaningful skill gap. 

“I’m hitting headshots with snipers, obviously we’re not knocking them,” he continued. “Then I die from flashes from a Riot Shield flasher who’s driving a car and keeping it as his little vehicle. Jumping out , throwing a whole bunch of flashes… That’s my f**king experience. It’s atrocious, man. Get this game under control.”

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However, he did say that he believes one “massive patch” could fix the game, setting it in a new direction and ensuring it reaches its potential. Whether Infinity Ward drops that is another matter altogether. 

For now, fans will have to make do with Warzone 2 as it is. Those dissatisfied with Call of Duty’s current iterations can look forward to DEADROP, the Doc’s very own “vertical shooter”.