Dr Disrespect slams Warzone devs over anti-cheat that “doesn’t work”

Michael Gwilliam

Legendary YouTuber Dr Disrespect roasted the Call of Duty Warzone devs over their Ricochet anti-cheat failing to detect hackers in the lobby.

Dr Disrespect has been one of the most vocal streamers when it comes to Call of Duty and Warzone’s issues over the years, but nothing quite gets his blood boiling like cheaters.

The 6’8 sniper extraordinaire was streaming Warzone alongside OpTic ZLaner on June 3 when his partner began going off on the server being laggy and “dog sh*t.”

This seemed to only spark a fire in the two-time who went off on Ricochet and the devs responsible for the anti-cheat not being as effective as he’d like at stopping hackers from ruining his games.

“I feel like team Ricochet is run by five individuals out of the back of a men’s warehouse,” he joked, getting a laugh out of ZLaner. “Like, these guys are surrounded by suits and ties, but they set up a little five-screen LAN location, branded themselves team Ricochet and Activision fell for it!”

Doc kept going, laughing at the idea of Activision paying the anti-cheat devs “hundreds of millions of dollars” only not to get the expected results.

“It doesn’t work!” the YouTuber stood up and screamed. “It doesn’t work!”

Cheating in Warzone has been a huge problem for many years now with the cheat makers even evolving their software back in March to bypass Ricochet completely.

Activision scored a major victory against prominent cheat provider EngineOwning in May, 2024 when the German-based company was fined $14 million in a massive lawsuit.

Regardless of this win in court, however, the war against cheaters remains a huge issue and one that Activision is going to need to keep fighting, especially when the next entry in the CoD series, Black Ops 6, releases.

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