Dr Disrespect claims “terrible” Call of Duty has given up trying to be good

Jacob Hale
Dr Disrespect with modern warfare 3 warzone stream background

Popular streamer and former Call of Duty developer Dr Disrespect has accused the franchise of “giving up on itself” after his squad with NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and Cloakzy got destroyed by a suspected cheater, blaming it on “a combination of things.”

Despite frequent complaints from both critics and players alike over the years, COD has consistently been one of the biggest media franchises in the world for two decades now, and that certainly shows no signs of slowing down.

One of the game’s biggest critics in recent years has been Dr Disrespect, despite his work as a level designer on Advanced Warfare, and has frequently uninstalled the game over his issues with Warzone battle royale in particular.

Four years since the game launched, though, the Doc is still loading up and letting himself get incensed at it — but he’s suggested that the franchise might have even just given up on itself now.

Posting to Twitter/X on March 11, he said: “Did Call of Duty give up on itself? It’s so terrible.”

This came after he and the squad were cornered by a full stacked squad, at least one of whom they suspected of being a hacker, eventually dying to them after growing increasingly frustrated throughout the hours he was playing the game prior.

After that finish, the Two-Time shut down the Call of Duty launcher and switched over to Escape from Tarkov instead, finding solace in the change of pace.

While this definitely isn’t the first time Doc has rage quit COD, the fact that he thinks the game has given up on itself could spell disaster for his expectations and enjoyment of future titles.