Developer at Infinity Ward Says 2019 Call of Duty Will Be ‘Extraordinary’

Studio Art Director at Infinity Ward, the studio scheduled to release the 2019 iteration of Call of Duty, has said the game will be ‘extraordinary.’

Reports earlier this year signalled an en masse return of previous Infinity Ward employees back to the studio from Respawn Entertainment, sparking rumors that a fourth Modern Warfare game might be on the way.

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At this point, there is very little known about the next game, after Black Ops 4 which will release on October 12th. In fact, there is next to nothing known whatsoever.

But, in a rare moment of public insight, Art Director Joel Emslie responded to a tweet asking him how good the next game will be and he gave a surprisingly detailed response.

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While it is not yet even confirmed that the game he is referring to is in fact Call of Duty, Infinity Ward are expected to be the next development team up, with their last title being 2016’s ‘Infinite Warfare’.

IW’s setting didn’t go over well with a majority of the fan base, many feeling it was too futuristic. 2017’s WWII returned to a more classic setting, while Black Ops 4 is set to go back to the more futuristic angle.

A Modern Warfare game would likely spark a lot of excitement though, with the last in the trilogy releasing in 2011, but Emslie doesn’t give any hints at all.

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2019, when the next CoD i expected to release will also mark 10 years since the release of the fan favorite Modern Warfare 2.

Some are anticipating that this game will be remastered, with multiple reports stating it is in the works and the original Modern Warfare having already been remastered.

While the hype train is already in full flow for Black Ops 4, it looks like the 2019 CoD hype train may also be firing up soon too.